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5 reasons to hang around

This site is purpose-built to help new grads save time and take the pain out of searching for a job. It's different from the average 'spray and pray' job board in 5 ways:

1. Curated job postings

Each job is carefully handpicked (not machine-generated) from growing companies that offer strong career-launching positions for new grads pursuing non-engineering careers. So you can stop wasting time on job boards and spend more time on developing your best pitch—getting interviews.

🔥 2. In-demand jobs

You'll find jobs with growth potential across product management, marketing, sales, customer success, operations, HR, and finance. Each one at a high-quality company where you can learn the ropes and be rewarded for having an impact.

3. High-growth companies

To broaden your view, I choose high-growth companies that don’t recruit on campus but offer strong career growth potential for new grads. You'll find companies that are creating new categories or disrupting old ones and growing within those categories—good news for early-career candidates like you who want to get in, make a real impact, and launch a career.

“Your choice of company is more important than your job title, your pay, or your responsibilities.”

—Andy R., Wealthfront CEO

4. Remote-friendly

All jobs are location-independent, so you can choose your location and do what you love. Borders are not barriers to the jobs I choose.

5. Community

You’re joining others like you, so you don’t have to feel alone. I’ll run regular discussions and forums to tackle trending issues and strategies for today’s job market. Got a question about something specific in your world? Just ask.

More about me

👋 Hi, I'm Jehan Lalkaka, founder of NewGradCareers.com. I run and manage this site from A to Z sitting in my home office in San Diego, CA. I research job postings and employers, interview company-insiders, write every article, and answer questions from readers.

Contact: jehan [at] newgradcareers [dot] com

I'm also the director of product marketing for 15Five.com, and in the past, I've held senior product marketing roles at LinkedIn, eBay, and SurveyMonkey. Using my 10+ year career that spans from entry-level sales to marketing leadership, I created this site to help you navigate the job market and your early career.

How to succeed in the job market: the only 2 things that matter

Over the last 7 years, I've informally helped hundreds of new grads find their career footing. If there's one thing I've learned through these interactions, it's this: most new grads don't know how to create value for an employer and communicate that value. Yes, that applies regardless of school, major, experience, and intelligence.

We've been conditioned to write a resume and then 'spray and pray.' We've learned how to write bullets on a resume in ten different ways and attend countless networking sessions, information sessions, and conferences. Those things are important but not as important as what I'm about to share with you.

I firmly believe that if you want a job with a career-launching company and you want it for reasons other than money and status, then you'll do 2 things:

1) First, you'll figure out what obstacles stand between the company and its growth goals; 2) Then, you'll show them how you can help them knock those obstacles down.

The bad news is that most colleges and universities spend more time on exams and assignments rather than helping students make such a simple argument. But on the other hand, if you figure this out and do it just 50% well, then you're like the one-eyed person in the land of the blind. And it will serve you well for the rest of your career.

It's a simple as that: find a problem they have and clearly show them how you can help.

“Breaking into the post-college job market is less about where graduates went to school or their specific degree than it is about the skills they possess. Those who have the problem-solving, communication and technical skills employers seek not only stand out but also command a 30% salary premium.”

—WSJ Research

But how? How does someone with little experience who's just starting out prove that they can make a difference? Have an impact? That's why I built this site. To help hundreds thousands of new grads figure that out.

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